CBC help promote Malay Language as CSR


  1. Charlie Brown Cafe (Singapore) promotes mother tongue in Singapore. We recently sponsored a Malay Language event called Zoombara. Zoombara is an event organised for Secondary 3 students across Singapore who are taking the Malay Language as their second language. Zoombara aims to cultivate the interest for Malay Language among the participants.


  1. The theme for Zoombara 2016 will be Malay icons who contributed to Singapore’s development. The icons are Yusof Ishak, Leftenan Adnan, Zubir Said, P Ramlee, Fandi Ahmad, Cikgu Naim Daipi and Mdm Som Said. The storyline will revolve around a museum security guard who has stolen the artifacts belonging to the Malay icons.  It will be conducted in the form of an amazing race in which participants will be broken down into groups to search for the missing artifacts. Many puzzles and challenges that test their knowledge on their Malay Language await them in their quest to find the missing artifacts and to discover the true identity of the museum security guard – an international artifact dealer. At the end of the amazing race, participants are required to create a new artefact which represent all of the Malay icons. The new artifacts would combine forces to stop the security guard’s illegal acts.


  1. The event details are as follows:


Event name: Zoombara 2016


Date: 13 February 2016


Venue: National Institute of Education (NIE)


Attendee: 100 secondary school students and 70 NTU/NIE student helpers




  1. a)Promote the usage of Malay Language– Students will be able to apply what they have learnt in class into the activities carried out during the event. They are also required to speak in full Malay language during the activities.


  1. b)Expose and widen students’ general knowledge – Students will be able to know and learn more about 7 Malay icons and their noble contributions to Singapore.


  1. c)Hone student’s presentation skills– Students will be able to present and explain about their new artefacts.


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