Learn how to draw Woodstock in 5 easy steps

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Wanna learn how to draw Woodstock in 5 simple steps? Just follow below step-by-step instruction. Enjoy drawing!

Step 1: Draw an oval for his head. It should look like a thin, sideways egg. Add guidelines if you like, but they’re not really necessary for a drawing this simple.


Step 2: Draw his eyes and hair. The hair is just a couple of squiggles around his face (don’t worry about realism since he’s a cartoon character) and remember, the eye is more of a dash than a dot!


Step 3: Draw a neck connected to a circle for his body. Add in his small wings and a tail almost like a sharp tooth jutting out.


Step 4: Add small rectangles for the legs. Attach long, thin ovals to them to serve as the feet.


Step 5: Color and outline your drawing. Make sure no excess guidelines remain. Woodstock is a brilliant sunshiny color, so use the brightest shade of yellow you have!


Step6 (Final Step): Successfully drawn your 1st Woodstock? Do you know you can create your own cartoon? No Previous Experience Or Artistic Talent required! Click Here! to find out.